staysafe web 2Information regarding COVID-19

During these difficult times, the comfort, health and safety of our guest and colleagues is more important for us than ever before. High hygienic standards are fully implemented in the standards of Hotel Garni RUBYK and we are following the suggestions of the medical departments and the government and we adapt our standards to that. You will notice some changes during your check-in, including the implementation of the programme “Stay safe“, emphasis on the automatization and self-check-in, in order to secure your safety and comfort. Do not hesitate to contact us in case you would like to discuss any specific questions prior your arrival.

Hynek Brýdl
Owner of Hotel Garni RUBYK

Hotel*** garni & hostel RUBYK

Hotel*** Garni Rubyk is located nearby the town centre in a calm part of the town Lanškroun, close to a train station. There are 26 newly refurbished rooms, which correspond to a 3* hotel class. All the rooms have a private bathroom, television and a safe.
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Certificate of the Czech Service Quality System

Hotel*** Garni Rubyk meets the requirements for granting a certificate of level 1 of the Czech Service Quality System. This certificate obligates the organisation to comply with the principles, requirements, and standards of the Czech Service Quality System.

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Operational Program Enterprise and Innovation

As a part of the Eko-Energy programme – Increasing Efficiency in Energy Production, Transmission and Consumption – Call 1, was a project Reg. No. EEDUE0/065 implemented in year 2009. The implementation of this project resulted in the insulation of the building, which consisted in the replacement of windows, insulation of the façade and the roof. A new heating control system was implemented, and hot water distribution was optimised. Solar energy is used to produce hot water using collectors located on the roof of the building. The project was implemented in accordance with the approved conditions of the OPPI. The monitoring period is ongoing.

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European Social Fund

The company Brýdl, s.r.o. created a subsidised job role within the individual regional project The Key to Success in the Pardubice region, which is financed from the European Social Fund through the OP LZZ and the state budget of the Czech Republic.